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The end of your rope

You try so hard to do things right, but it still goes wrong. It's been going on far too long! What gives? It could be your energy. Most of us unwittingly attract negative energy to ourselves at some point. A spiritual cleaning can turn it around.

Grounded in reality

It's scientific fact. We are surrounded by energy. We generate it within us, and pull it in from outside sources. Jess Psychic is in tune with this energy and can sort out what is influencing the course of your life, such as past trauma or a toxic friendship.

"Jess had a lot of good information. She knew a lot about my past and was insightful about my future. I recommend her!"

- Arthur S.


Wipe your spiritual slate clean.

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What to expect

A spiritual cleaning process varies from person to person. Most clients prefer to lie down. Prayer and meditation are often used. We do our best to accommodate your personal preferences.  

Square Square Square

Out with the bad, in with the good