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The cart before the horse

You spend hours at the gym and watch what you eat, yet you feel like a hot mess inside. You've lost your center. Get it back with the help of Jess Psychic. We teach a variety of meditation techniques that can help you calm down and stay focused.

Benefits without side effects

Meditation, particularly hatha yoga, has been proven to be helpful with conditions such as anxiety, depression, PMS, hypertension and more. Jess Psychic takes a mind-body-soul approach that will help you feel good, both inside and out.

Although meditation has been proven helpful in treating many physical and psychological conditions, Jess Psychic urges you not to stop taking any medications without your doctor's authorization.


Licensed in Virginia. Offices in Manassas and Winchester. Call for office hours:



We practice what we preach

At Jess Psychic, we practice yoga and meditation in our daily lives. We've felt the benefits first-hand and would be remiss in our duty if we didn't pass them on to you!

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Sound body begins with sound mind