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Help is on its way

Do you have lots of difficult questions, and no luck finding answers? A Life Reading with Jess Psychic could be the solution for you. We bring out all the tools we have at our disposal all in one session so you can move forward.

Money well spent

A Life Reading with Jess Psychic will use spiritual cleaning, palm reading, Tarot card and crystal ball readings to help you achieve positive direction in your life. You get all this for a fraction of the cost of the typical self-help program!

Looking for something different for a bachelorette party or baby shower? Ask Jess Psychic about doing readings for your entire group. It's fun and entertaining, and you might learn something!


Life readings $100. 2 weeks advance reservation recommended.



Stay focused, stay positive

When you get a Life Reading from Jess Psychic, you'll no doubt get a lot of input that might be overwhelming. Ask about meditation techniques that can help keep you centered and hopeful.

Square Square Square

The ultimate answer package