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The truth about crystal balls

Jokes about crystal balls abound. It's too bad, because they minimize the very real power crystal balls have to harness energy. Jess Psychic has used crystal balls for years to maximize the quality and depth of readings for her clients.

Science, not silliness

Crystals are a part of our everyday lives, in our electronics, cars and more. Their ability to amplify light and sound and redirect energy is a point of fact. Achieve a deeper insight into the forces at work in your life, with the help of Jess Psychic.

"I recommend Jess Psychic to anyone looking for direction in their lives. My friends have gone to see her and got great results."

- Rhoda M.


Crystal ball readings $80.

Advance reservations recommended. Call



See your life from all sides

Unlike other readings, a crystal ball reading with Jess Psychic gives you the option to ask questions. Get answers about people, money, career, health, love or future plans.

Square Square Square

They do more than just look cool